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Welcome to A Texan Life Photography and Digital Marketing

Welcome to A Texan Life Photography and Digital Marketing. Please forgive our mess, as we migrate from one server to our current server.

Where is A Texan Life Photography Service Areas?

If you are on the bayou looking for a photographer, our name may be a little misleading. A Texan Life originally started in Cleburne, Texas where the owner lived at the time. With life changes though, came a move to Lafourche Bayou in Southeast Louisiana. Since A Texan Life had already been started it was decided to keep the name, and add a mudbug to the logo to represent the bayous of Louisiana. So we service both Southeast Louisiana, and Northcentral Texas.

What is A Texan Life?

A Texan Life is a Photographer, Videographer, Drone Videographer, and Digital Marketer. Beyond the normal variations of photographer, we offer Digital Marketing services. Including designing WordPress websites, managing social media such as Facebook and Twitter, is a mainstay of our business plan. Different plans are available, from as simple as setup of your Facebook page, to setup, maintenance, and content for social media and websites.

Why Should You Choose A Texan Life?

Very simply, you should choose us, because we are customer oriented. In other words, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Whether it be a wedding shoot, taking and editing videos of customer testimonies, drone videography of your job site, or giving you the most bang for your buck in your digital space. Your satisfaction is a top priority.

Explore A Texan Life

I’d like to invite you to explore our website. From galleries like Texas My Texas Gallery and Down Da Bayou to our Digital Marketing page. And after exploring you would like to see what we can offer you for your photography or digital marketing needs, you can definitely feel free to Contact us.